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Blinds F.A.Q

How do I measure for my Blinds and Shades?

There are many different things to look for when measuring your windows for Blinds and Shades. We recommend you contact us and one of our Blinds and Shades Consultants will be pleased to measure your windows for a free Blinds and Shades estimate or see our HOW TO MEASURE Blinds and Shades.

Can I get my Blinds and Shades made to the exact size I need?

YES, At Amazing Window Covering, all our Blinds and Shades are made custom sized to match your openings. This means we do not cut down stock Blinds and Shades to make them fit your openings, it means each shutter is made custom to fit every windows.

What is the delivery time for my custom Blinds and Shades?

We custom build each order. You can expect delivery with 1 to 3 weeks. Typically, during peak production your Blinds and Shades should be built within 10 business days of your order. We will contact you when production of your Blinds and Shades are ready for install or delivery.

Do you make interior Blinds and Shades?

YES, Amazing Window Covering manufactures custom wood, aluminum and vinyl interior Blinds and Shades. We offer you various Styles and designs to meet your design needs. Our interior Blinds and Shades can be manufactured for any architectural opening in your home.

What is the cost of Blinds and Shades at Amazing Window Covering per square foot?

There is many diffrent materials of Blinds and Shades and Manufacturers which will very on the sq feet prices. This is why the price for 2 Blinds and Shades to fill an opening will be less than 4 Blinds and Shades to fill the exact same opening, framed and non framed.

Can you deliver the Blinds and Shades to my home address or business?

Yes, we can ship the Blinds and Shades to your home. Remember, if you order more than a pair or two of Blinds and Shades, we will likely ship your Blinds and Shades via Freight Line. The freight company will expect you to be at home for delivery and will not just drop the order at your door. The freight company will contact you to arrange a drop-off time.

How do Blinds and Shades at Amazing Window Covering compare in quality with other Companies?

Amazing Window Covering carries many diffrent brands and qualities of Blinds and Shades. we also have vinyl, Wood and Aluminum and Fabrics Blinds and Shades.

Can you build Blinds and Shades designs that are not available on the website?

We build all types of custom Blinds and Shades that are not listed on the website. Give us a call so we can discuss your custom design. No one can beat our service or price.

Do you offer in home measuring and installation services?

Yes, We offer a complete measuring and installation service for Shutters, Blinds, Drapes and drapery hardware throughout GtA. We will travel to most areas so if in doubt please Call Us

Can I call or fax my order?

Sure, you can call (905) 660-1127 or fax your order (905) 660-9656

Do you have a toll free Number?

You can contact us at 1- 888-779-7731