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Elite’s Woven Shades

Exotic weaves using the finest materials made from bamboo, grasses, jute, paper, and flax provide a natural rustic look to any room. Elite’s Woven Woods Collection has numerous style applications including roman shades, roll-up shades, panel drapes, and more.

Elite is proud to present the addition of the Woven Wood Collection of room darkening Woven woods Window Shades. The Collection is perfect for bedrooms or wherever room darkening is needed.

These 6 styles; Teardrop Roman Shade, Roll-up Shade, Flat Panel Roman Shade, Shade Roll-up Shade, Old Roman Shade and Folding Door Woven wood products.

Elite Woven Wood Shades & Folding Doors

Dim-Out Fabric provides complete privacy and cuts light transmission by more than 50%.

Black Out Fabric provides complete privacy and blocks sunlight 100%.

Teardrop Roman Shade

Old Roman Shade

Roll-up Shade


Green Applications; BAMBOO

This tall, woody, weedy plant, which grows best in tropical climates, is making waves for its versatility, sustainability and strength.

Flat Panel Roman Shade

Folding Door

Shade Roll-up Shade


What makes bamboo so great? Well, it’s one of the fastest-growing plant on Earth; some species can grow 1.5m a day according to the Environmental Bamboo Foundation ( It releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent forests of trees and it can be harvested in about three years, compared with 10 to 20 years for most softwood trees. Some bamboo even absorbs up to 12 tons of CO2 from the air per hectare.

Bamboo requires few, if any, pesticides and it is also hardy using anywhere from about 75 to 635 cm (30 to 250 in.) of annual rainfall.

It’s versatile, too. In the past few years, bamboo has been used in the manufacture of toys, flooring, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, counter tops, and yes, window shades.



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