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Levolor Natural Shades

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It began with a simple curiosity. An inquiring desire to transform a window into a fashion statement with innovative functionality and impressive style. That desire grew into a vision to create window shades without limitations.

Recognizing a window shade’s unique ability to elegantly accent any room of the home, Levolor Natural Shades combine the latest fabrics, textures, and patterns with exclusive, easy to operate light control options. By incorporating these elements into a look that is equally exquisite and functional, Levolor Natural Shades reflect an entire lifestyle in each room.

Inspirational Tip

Natural shades aren’t just for sunrooms and beach homes. Use a finely woven fabric in a mid- to dark-tone to create a rich casual elegance in a dining, living room or any other space.

Natural Shades Liners

Add a light-filtering or room-darkening liner that best coordinates with your Levolor Natural Shades fabric selection. In addition to providing privacy, these liners put you in control of the overall lighting and mood of the room. Both liner styles are available in four coordinating colors. The recommended liner color is designated on each swatch, or you may choose your desired color.

Levolor Natural Shades – choose your Liner

No Liner

Privacy and incoming light depends on density of fabric.

Produces “screen-like” effect.

Light-Filtering Liner

More privacy and light control than with no liner.

Softly filters light.

Ideal for any room where light is desired.

Room-Darkening Liner

Provides complete block out of light.

Ideal for media rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and other areas where optimum darkness is desired.

Protection from UV rays to prevent fading of your valuables.

Liner Colors Available

We choose a coordinating liner color for you or you can select any of the 4 liner colors available.

All liners are neutral to the street.

Levolor Natural Shades – Choose Your Options

Your fabric and liner choices have helped to customize the style of the room. Now it’s time to add some innovative functionality to it. These carefree options empower you with the ability to further determine how and when light enters the room, as well as how you raise and lower the shade.

And because privacy is a major function of Levolor Natural Shades, these options enable you to control the amount of privacy you desire.

Cordless Lift System

A Levolor exclusive, gives your window a clean, finished profile.

Eliminates dangling cords.

Simply push up on the handle to open, or pull down to close with little effort.

Improved safety in your home for children and pets.

Patent pending.

Continuous Cordloop

Eliminates dangling or puddling of cords on the floor

Raise or lower larger shades with little effort

Top Down / Bottom Up

Shade lowers to let in exterior light while providing privacy at the bottom section of the window

Available with optional liner for even greater privacy

Multiple Blinds Per Headrail

Multiple shades available on 1 headrail Easier operation on the widest windows

Day / Night

This exclusive and patent pending shade control system performs much like the top down/bottom up shade.

With the day/night shade, you’re able to choose when to use the liner or not.

This shade can be used anywhere, but is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms that require both light and additional privacy and offers ultimate versatility.

Sheer For Daytime Usage

Half Sheer / Half Room Darkening

All Room-Darkening
for Night-Time Usage


Levolor Natural Shades – Valances & Night and Day


With exclusive colors that coordinate beautifully with your selected fabric, these attractive valances create a more elegant and complete look in your window.

Tailored EdgeT

This decorative edge binding features fabric that is applied around the edges of the shade, creating a clean, finished look.

1″ tailored edge is great for windows smaller than 36″ wide. Use 2″ tailored edge for larger windows.

Wood Finishes Available for Classic Valance

black 2884

white 2908

chestnut 2777

golden oak 2771

sand n beech 2798


Decorative Scallops Trims for Roman Valance

Scalloped valances an08d hems, enhanced with a decorative trim, create a fashionable style for your shade.

5 scallops and 4 trim colors provide numerous accent possibilities.

Chestnut 89825

Camel 89828

Natural 89821

White 89822


Select any one of these trim colors to complement your decorative scallops.


Greek Key

Elevated Standard

Elevated Greek Key

Elevated Straight Row


Levolor Natural Shades – Specialty Shapes

Specialty Shapes

Levolor Natural Shades are made to fit lspecial shapes, such as arches, angled tops and cutout varieties.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

THIS SHALL BE YOUR SOLE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. If this Levolor® Window Fashions product is found to have a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, we will (at our discretion) do one of the following:

. repair the product . replace the product . refund the cost of the product

NOTE: Colors vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match sample swatch or previous purchases. Discontinued items or colour selections will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product.

No agent, representative, dealer, or unauthorized employee has the authority to increase or alter the obligation of this warranty. This lifetime-limited warranty supercedes any previous versions.

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