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Amazing Awnings Benifits

Sun Protection

Due to the shrinking ozone layer UV rays are less filtered. Risks to our health and well being increase. As well UV rays damage material surfaces, fade carpeting and damage valuable objects and artwork. Infrared rays cause excessive heat build up in perimeter rooms. Excessive visible light induces glare resulting in reduced visibility and eye discomfort.

Comfort & Health

Controlling the sun radiation is very important for our comfort and health. Choosing the right sun protection system makes the difference: awnings may improve considerably our protection against the undesirable properties of the sun’s radiation.

To select the right system we should consider the following criteria:

Extend Outdoor Living

Awnings can extend residential living space and add safety and comfort to outdoor activities. Now you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family on a warm summer evening…even when its raining. With the push of a button, a retractable awning creates an instantly cool and relaxing haven from the sun’s rays. In addition, retractables are extremely user-friendly, with manual or automatic, remote or sensor-activated controls that allow them to be folded or retracted. Sensor-controlled awnings feature wind and rain sensors that will automatically retract the awning, even if you’re not home at the time.

Energy Savings

Awnings are one of the most energy efficient ways of controlling heat in the home. Awnings are installed on the outside of the home, stopping the sun before it hits the glass, which dramatically decreases the amount of heat entering the house.