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Box Awning

Amazing Box Awnings Systems

BOX Awnings are available for small and large areas – from small balconies to large terraces and patios. When retracted, the fabric is protected in a fully enclosed cassette style box, resulting in a long service life. Box awnings can be secured to the wall or ceiling.

The Amazing Casa-Box Awning

Casa-Box Amazing

Box awning for smaller areas. The box profile protects the awning fabric against weathering with a projection of up to 2.5m/8’2″.

The Amazing Tenda-Box Awning

Tenda-Box Awning

Full-box awning allows for larger projectios of up to 11’6″ and minimal space requirements for wall or ceiling installations.

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The Amazing Mesabox Awning

Mesabox Awning

The Mesa Box is an elegant awning for large areas suitable for terraces and patios. The slim-line box awning is equipped with patented stoboscope arms.

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