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Amazing Retractable Awning Systems

Select is a series of retractable awnings, each offering a particular shading requirement on residential and public establishments. This awning family utilizes the proven “triangular back-bar” technology. The many different mounting brackets allow installation in even the smallest of spaces!

The Amazing Select & Select 400 Awning

Select & Select 400 Awning

Folding arm awnings with proven “triangular back bar” construction and optional arm supports, which allow a projection 4.0m/13’1″.

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The Amazing Select Ombramatic Awning

Select Ombramatic Awning

The Ombramatic offers easy manual pitch adjustment of the awning with a projection of up to 3.5m/11’6″.

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The Amazing Select Volant Plus Awning

Select Volant Plus Awning

The special frontal rail on this model allows the attachment of an integrated drop down valance. Up to maximum width of 7.0m/23′.

The Amazing Select Plus Awning

Select Plus Awning

This cross-over arm awning allows narrow width awnings to have a projection of 3.5m/11’6″.

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The Amazing Select Stoboscope Awning

Select Stoboscope Awning

The Select Stoboscope is equipped with patented telescopic retractable arms for modern design and taut fabric and width of up to 18m/59′ with projection of up to 11’6″.

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The Amazing Azur Awning Differance

This basic entry level awning comes with a square back mounting bar and a maximum of 2 folding arms. This awning is ideally suited for smaller projections and in locations such as garden patios, terraces, balconies and commercial stores. Wall and ceiling installations as well as rafter installation* (optional installation brackets).

Standard drive with easy-running bevel gear box and operating handle.

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