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Elite Wood Shutters


Richwood® Elite Shutter-Lite is a durable light-weight shutter with classic styling suitable for any room decor. Shutter panels can be configured to fit any lighting or privacy situation and you can have your choice of louver sizes, frame styles, colours, hinges, latches and much more.

Richwood® Elite Shutter-Lite have fully operable louvers and panels may be installed as hinged, bi-fold, or bypass. Such complete customization gives your Richwood® Shutter-Lite a perfect, flawless fit in any window or door.

Featuers & Options

Frame Configurations:

Choose from 6 different configurations; 2-sided , 3-sided, or 4-sided frames, 3-sided door frame (3/8″ bottom clearance) 2-sided cafe frame, and 3-sided inverted cafe frame.

Frame Designs:

Eliminate unsighlty light gaps between the shutter and window with six decorative frame designs: Standard Z-frame, Deluxe Z-frame, 3″ or 4″ Face Mount frames, Standard L-frame, Narrow Sill L-frame, and Deep L-frame.

Track Systems:

Two types of track systems are available; Bi-fold Track System allows for a versatile folding configuration and can use larger shutter panels sliding on a single track. The Bypass Track System uses two parallel tracks allowing 2 to 6 panels to slide past one another.

Specialty Shapes:

Elite offers several custom specialty shape designs from arches, raked-tops, hexagons, and inserted shapes all available with moveable sunset or starburst louvers (Sunset Arch, starburst Arch, inserted starburst Arch, Starburst Oval, Starburst Quarter Arch, Starburst Raked)



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