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Amazing Exterior Roller Shutters Spec’s

Top 10 Roller Shutters Convenient Reasons

1. Screening from curious looks.

Enjoy your privacy in your own home. Roller shutters up / roller shutters down.

2. Best weather protection

During rain, snow, hail, wind. Aluminium roller shutters provide especially effective protection against solar radiation. The rooms remain comfortably shaded and cool. Furniture and floor coverings are protected against bleaching. Wooden windows are ideally shielded from sunshine.

3. Noise insulation with closed roller shutters.

Aluminium roller shutters with sound-absorbing and CFC-free insulating foam reduce the noise level considerably. You sleep better, whether at night or in the daytime.

4. Energy saving.

Unlike a roller shutter with a lintel box, primary fuel consumption is reduced with an Alulux front-mounted roller shutter since there is no medium between the shutter system and interior room by which heat can escape. A highly insulating air cushion forms between the window and roller shutter curtain. The insulating value of a window with heat-insulating glass can be optimised by up to 20% with a front-mounted roller shutter.

5. Security retrofit kit at an extra charge:

(Preventative) protection against burglars The Alulux brand-name roller shutters will pose considerable problems to crooks. Aluminium roller shutter systems are simply more secure. In addition, an individual security package with a reinforced end slat, safety guide rails and an anti-lift device protects your home. Included in the security package is a factory tested system for a very attractive price. Ask for it at your Alulux specialist dealers.

6. Roller shutters and insect protection in one.

The insect screen integrated into the box is a practical addition to the roller shutter system. Mounting components are not visible from the outside. Everything is housed neatly in the box and the screen is guided in a second track of the guide rail behind the roller shutter curtain (for an extra charge).

7. Presence simulated with a clock timer.

A programmable timer opens and closes your roller shutters whenever you wish – also in irregular intervals. So your house appears inhabited and burglars do not keep an eye on your house.

8. Greatest possible comfort with radio control!

A radio remote control for the roller shutters is one of the most comfortable things you can imagine. No control lines are needed, either surface-mounted or flush-mounted. For you, this means minimal time and effort for installation without damaging the walls. With a light sensor, combined with an automatic control unit, the roller shutters can also be – depending on the lighting conditions – opened or closed automatically.

9. Creating groups of roller shutters.

Using a group control unit, all roller shutters can be operated automatically or with a push of a button. The groups can be changed individually at any time. Central control for roller shutters in the whole house is even possible with one hand-held transmitter.

10. Front-mounted roller shutters

Design your future home! Hundreds of combination possibilities are available when selecting box shapes and roller shutter colours. Front-mounted roller shutters truly enrich the outside appearance of every house.

Aluminium roller shutters Profiles

CD 200 – Aluminium, foam insulation

CD 200 ultra – Aluminium, hard foam insulation

CD 300 – Aluminium, foam insulation

CD 400 – Aluminium, foam insulation

CD 550 Stalufol – Steel profile, foam insulation

CD 70/E – Aluminium profile, extruded

Amazing Exterior Roller Shutters Available Colours


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Amazing Exterior Roller Shutters warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, finish and installation. For life. Our comprehensive warranty is backed by our 25+ years experience in the shutter industry. The Amazing Roller shutter is so well-built that we rarely have to send out a repair crew. Roller shutters of any materials, visits from a repair crew are common.



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